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Thursday, December 3, 2015

Au Revoir!

Hey All,

I know I haven't posted any updates in quite a while.  Lots of stuff going on in my personal life. All good things of course!  My career as a network administrator is humming along nicely, my wife and I are expecting our first child (due at the end of the month), and I've started to restore a 1956 VW bug.  With that said, climbing has taken a back seat in recent months.

A few months ago while climbing at my local gym it just really dawned on me that I've kinda of hit a ceiling with the sport.  I was able to boulder up to V6 (a feat for which I am very proud) and was able to knock out a few high 5.11's and one or two 5.12a's on top rope.  As impressive as that was for me it really became clear that if i was going to challenge myself any higher I would need to dedicate some serious time to climbing, eating right, training, etc..  Putting things in perspective I'm not prepared to commit that kind of dedication to climbing.  After all, Im 36 years old and doing the sport as a hobby, not as a competitive climber or professional.  Once I stopped progressing the sport kind of lost something for me.  Part of the thrill was getting better, climbing harder routes, pushing myself.  With that missing, i was left with just climbing the same ol routes / problems which wasnt as fun and after a few injuries turned into a "this is no longer worth it" scenario. 

My goal when starting this blog was to chronicle my journey through climbing and I think it did just that.  I plan on leaving this blog up since I still feel there is plenty of good information to be found for the new would-be climber on here.  I own the rights to the domain (www.intothecrag.com) through the end of 2016.  Not sure if I will renew past that date and if I dont, then the original url will need to be used (www.intothecrag.blogspot.com) to access the site.

Its been a wild journey into climbing for me.  In fact, its how I met my beautiful wife. :)  For that I am very greatful. My wife and I are still very much fans of climbing and it will always be a part of our lives and hopefully our children's lives down the road.  Our yearly trip to Bishop will always remain as well.  In fact, we just went down to Bishop in Oct just for the camping and beauty of the Eastern Sierras.  Its still indeed a very special place for us regardless of climbing. 

I am tossing around the idea of starting another blog to capture the progress of my VW restoration but for now if anyone is interested just follow me on instagram (instagram.com/jcucciare) or visit the #56OvalProject hashtag on there and you'll find me. 

For anyone who has read my blog Id like to say thank you.  Its been fun sharing my journey and connecting with others who enjoy climbing as much as I do.


~ Justin

Monday, August 17, 2015

Evolv Rasta Shaman - Back in Stock!

Hey Gang, 

Just a quick note to let you know that the Limited Edition Rasta Shaman is currently back in stock for a short time.  If you didn't get a chance to scoop up a pair last go around now is your chance!




Friday, June 12, 2015

Watch Jimmy Webb Stick this AMAZING starting move & then SEND 'Defying Gravity' V15

Product Review: Rocket Pure's all-natural body care products for Climbers

Hey all, I just wanted to share with you a fantastic company I just found out about called RocketPure.  They specialize in all-natural body care products for climbers!  I was able to try a few of their products recently and I am a big fan.  I've been using the hand and foot balm after climbing and I've seen a noticeable difference in my hands.  Far less cracks in my skin and my calluses are a lot softer and less noticeable.  In addition, my wife is a big fan of the all-natural sun block and lip balm.  I can also vouch for their Cedarwood deodorizing foot and shoe powder.  Anyone who wears Evolve climbing shoes knows how bad they can smell.  Applying a modest dosing of the Cedarwood shoe powder has gone a long way towards removing the odor that can build up after a long climbing session.  

Check out their site and products using the links below.  Follow this link for 10% off your next order!


~ Justin

Monday, March 23, 2015

Sean McColl - Canadian Bouldering Championships

Check out Sean McColl doing one of the sickest climbing sequences I've ever seen..